Will trade show attendees remember your company?


Maybe.  The simple fact is many of the trade shows are huge and there is so much for attendees to absorb that it is near impossible for the average person to remember most of what they saw throughout the day.

In psychology, the phenomenon is called the Primacy-Recency Effect.  To summarize; people will generally remember some of the first exhibits they see and some of the last, everything in the middle becomes a blur.  To position your company accordingly can be advantageous to the success of your show.

Trigger is another psychological term that comes to play for the success of a trade show.  A trigger is something that will stimulate a memory or flashback.  Developing a strategic marketing plan through the use of printed materials and promotional items will trigger the memory of your exhibit/company increasing their familiarity with the products or services offered.  

Implementation of triggers and an organized follow up plan are the most important aspects to guarantee the success of a trade show.



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