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First impressions matter! 

Designing your booth to maximize impact to attendees is extremely important.  According to industry research you only have 3-5 seconds to encourage attendees to visit your booth.

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION;  Depending on location you will have between 87 and 53% of attendees by your booth. Main aisles are prime for a reason.  If you are in a back corner be creative and give attendees a reason to visit.  Habitually when attendees enter the show floor they turn right.  This is a general rule but also depends on the show layout.

Welcome visitors with a clear message about what you are looking for in a client and how you can benefit their company or organization.

Look up!!!  Hanging signs are great for locating a booth and creating a ceiling effect like a roof of a building.  Hanging signs give exhibitors an advantage over the other exhibitors at a trade show by repetition of visual impressions aiding in memory.

Plan the layout of your booth as if you are walking by in different directions.  What is the first thing attendees will notice?  Are you in an aisle, corner or island?  Who are your neighbors?  Use standing displays, banner stands and banners to tell your story.

Table covers are a necessity if you have tables in your layout.  Draw attention to a product or your logo.

Don't forget the floor!  You pay for the space, utilize it.  64% of people notice graphics on the floor resulting in a 13% increase in sales of the products displayed. 

We use our experience and expertise to design and create everything from trade show booths to interior signage of the highest quality. 

Innovation, customization and impact are our fundamentals.  Our knowledgeable and responsive staff focus on delivering unique displays that get noticed. 

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