Social media is a big part of the success of a trade show.

     Before the show:

          Let attendees know what to look forward to seeing and give them an incentive to stop by.  An incentive can be a promotional product, celebrity appearance, samples, or even knowledge.

     During the show:

          Post photos of attendees visiting your booth, share the photos on Linkedin, Facebook or other social media.  It will give attendees reasons to connect and like.  By visiting your social media pages it will act as a reminder/psychological stimulus of your products and services.

     After the show:

          Reach out to attendees after the show via social media as one of the contacts necessary to create T.O.M.A; Top of Mind Awareness.


GTS Marketing can create a social media campaign to make your company stand out.  Contact us now to have one of our social media professionals create your strategy or attend the show on your behalf to develop content on the spot via posts, photos and video.





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