Promotional Products

Promotional products are items which display logos or messages used for marketing and branding companies, organizations and events.  They are distributed to clients or prospects in an effort to create Top of Mind Awareness (T.O.M.A.) or as a souveneer to trigger the memory of an event.  The value of the item is measured by Cost per Impression (C.P.I.) which is defined by the number of times someone will see the logo divided by the cost of the item.  

When selecting an item there are many factors to consider.  For example, pens are the #1 promotional product.  There are thousands of different pens available varying in quality and options.  Someone will accept and use a 25 cent pen but they will treasure a higher quality item increasing the longevity of impressions. As a general rule, when price and quality rises, distribution becomes more selective.  The selection process can be determined by defining your A (hot), B (warm), and C (cold) clients. 

Promotional products and trade shows

Trade Show A, B & C clients:

C clients-

B clients-

A clients-


From lip balm to a wireless mouse to paper airplanes, promotional products come in all shapes, sizes & colors. In many cases, it’s even possible to obtain custom items that aren’t found on our website. If you can see it and touch it, it’s most likely available as a promotional product. This allows you to customize a marketing campaign so it is more relevant to a specific demographic.


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